Practices That Make Perfect

Beginning March 7, we will launch a new sermon series, “Practices That Make Perfect,” focusing on what are the 5 R’s of the gospel—RESTORATION, RECLAMATION, RECONCILIATION, REDEMPTION, and RESURRECTION.

As we read through the gospels, a pattern emerges. Jesus, as he engaged and interacted with others, practiced each of these 5 R’s, often in combination with one another.

RESTORATION will be the first topic, reflecting on Jesus healing Legion. He restores the man to dignity, health, wholeness, and to the community. How might we practice the same with others? What does it feel like to be restored?

RECLAMATION will be the second topic, reflecting on the enjoyable story of Zacchaeus. Jesus reclaims the tax collector from the hatred, rejection, and pain caused by the community, reclaiming Zacchaeus’ true identity as a child of God. What do we need to reclaim? Whom do we need to reclaim?

RECONCILIATION will be the third topic, reflecting on the massive dispute between Saints Peter and Paul over including the gentiles in the community of Jesus. Who do we need to be reconciled with? How does it happen?

REDEMPTION sounds like the whole gospel, but, in fact, is actually a practice in which someone is released from bondage of the heart, mind, and body. We will look at the story of the woman caught in adultery in John 8. What does it feel like to be released? How might we release someone from what holds them?

RESURRECTION is, of course, the topic for Easter. But how can we feel and experience resurrection here and now? How can it be a daily experience? How do we share it with others?

Hopefully, we will come away from this series with a deeper sense of how to practice what we preach. Join us!