Become Part of Our Church

Members rich in generosity, time and spirit develop and implement church ministries. Their collective efforts make Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church thrive. The following standing committees form the backbone of ongoing church ministries and are supported by many subcommittees not listed.

Session Committees


Oversees all elements of religious and special worship services including the Sanctuary, decorating, housekeeping and sound, plus support the Pastor and the Director of Music


Serves as the executive committee, chairing all other committees, setting agendas, and overseeing administration of church ministries

Worship and Spiritual Nurture

Develops and organizes Sunday School classes and continuing education


Manages the church budget and investment portfolio


Manages church ministry staff


Processes nominations for church officers (elders and deacons)


Works with grounds maintenance and custodial teams to preserve buildings and grounds

Youth and Children

Coordinates teen fellowship and youth clubs to assure ongoing ministry to youth


Organizes our annual October BBQ from food and logistics to volunteers and marketing

Diaconate Committees

Congregational Care

Oversees care-giving ministry to elderly, shut-ins, discharged hospital patients, bereaved families, etc


Seeks opportunities for congregational fellowship such as day-in-the-park and movie night


Serves as evangelical ambassadors, taking Christ’s message to the community, welcoming new members and pairing new members with congregational hosts


Researches and arranges mission trips and disperses mission funds