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Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church is part of the Presbyterian Church (USA) (pcusa.org), the largest Presbyterian denomination in the US. As such, we are a fellowship informed by the Reformed Tradition, a tradition dating back to John Calvin in the 16th Century. That means we are organized in a representative order—members of the church are elected to serve as spiritual and administrative leaders of the congregation as Elders and Deacons—the model of government the Founding Fathers adopted for the United States. It also means we believe in the following essential tenets of faith—

  1. God is sovereign over all creation. There is nothing more powerful than the love of God.
  2. God revealed God’s being as love in the person of Jesus Christ, who came and lived among us as an embodiment of God’s love that was at once self-emptying compassion.
  3. God is present with us in the Holy Spirit, meaning we are never apart from the love of God that provides for us, redeems us, and breathes life into us.
  4. We believe the Bible to be the witness to God’s work among us, both the Old and New Testaments, as well as the record of the human response to the presence of God, offering us wisdom, counsel, and direction for our lives.
  5. We believe that all human beings are the work of God and the objects of God’s love. Therefore, we are to practice welcome and to serve others in love.
  6. We believe the Church is to be the witness to God’s redeeming love within the world, calling all to enter the grace of God, finding meaning, purpose, and fellowship that allows for each person to become whom God created them to be. That includes engaging with the world in mission, service, and healing, living into the self-emptying compassion that is God.
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