Annual Barbecue

We'll be back for 2024! - The 93rd Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church BBQ – Thursday October 24, 2024. Stay tuned for more information!

The fourth Thursday of October holds a special place in the hearts of the members of the Church and the community at large. This year’s BBQ will be a little different from our traditional event. Our delivery methods will be DRIVE-THRU and WALK-UP CARRY OUT for sure.

There will be two walk-up carry out stations:

1 - The Walk-Up Carry Out under the awning at the left side of the Drive-Thru area for Large orders - Plates, Sandwiches, Bulk BBQ, Stew, & Slaw

2 - The Sandwich Stand – Small orders - Sandwiches, Drinks, Bulk BBQ, Stew, & Slaw (No Plates) - Souvenir T-shirts & hats also available at the Sandwich Stand

Stay tuned for information on dine-in seating - a decision should be made sometime in August 2024.

Our menu is assuredly the same; Hickory Smoked Pork BBQ, our special Brunswick Stew and our own blend of Cole Slaw (vinegar based). Please check the MENU Page for current pricing where you can also download an order form to complete and bring to place your order quickly. We accept CASH and VISA/MC CREDIT CARD payment methods for your convenience. Sorry, NO DEBIT CARDS accepted.

Serving begins at 10:00 AM and we will continue until sold out.  Check Facebook and Instagram for “day of” updates on when we sell out.

Thank You

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