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CVAN & Gracious Hands Collection

April Mission Project for CVAN and Gracious Hands

Throughout the month of April, we are collecting items for CVAN and Gracious Hands. Both organizations are mission partners of our church, and they do important work in our community…

Sermon Series for Lent

For the season of Lent, we will focus on the Beatitudes as told by Luke (Lk. 6:20-26). Luke’s reporting of the beatitudes is uniquely his own. Unlike Matthew, who fleshes…

lent renewal

Reflections on Lent

Lent arrives with full force in March with the very second day being Ash Wednesday, followed by the forty days of preparation as we ready ourselves for Easter. Lent is…


Mission Trip to Camp Grier

Another successful mission project at Camp Grier, thanks to our hardworking mission team!  If you have a heart for the great outdoors and love to work with your hands, see…

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is upon us, and this year it seems more timely than ever. Ash Wednesday is a moment when we confront our mortality, remembering that we are dust, and…

Clothing Drive

March Clothing Drive

As you clean out your closets for spring cleaning, consider donating some of your gently used clothes to our clothing drive! Throughout the month of March, we are collecting children…

Sermon Series for February: Sacred Graffiti

Graffiti is throw-away art. It is considered a blight when it appears on vacant buildings, train cars, or other public places. But some—for example, the image above from Asheville, NC—raise…


Seasons of Change

Change! The last two years seem to have been all about change. Some people are constantly looking for change in their lives, while others prefer things to stay the same.…


The “Ordinary Time” of February

February is not much of a month. It only has 28 days. It’s too far from Christmas to feel that spark of wonder, joy, and anticipation. It is too far…


New Year Wisdom from Pastor Rob

We open the book on another year. Last year, I truly believed that the year opening was one of promise, hope, and possibility as we continued to come out of…