Sermon Series for February: Sacred Graffiti

Graffiti is throw-away art. It is considered a blight when it appears on vacant buildings, train cars, or other public places. But some—for example, the image above from Asheville, NC—raise it to a high level, making it a profound statement and observation about who and what we are.

This month we will be looking at biblical texts that speak of graffiti. In each case, scribbling in one form or another leads to a new insight about God, what God thinks of us, and who we are to be in the presence of God.

DANIEL 5:1-9: Our phrase “handwriting on the wall” comes from Daniel wherein the prophet witnessed God’s graffiti.

JOHN 8:1-11: Jesus scrawled in the dirt while a mob demanded he pass judgment on an adulteress, but we have no idea what he wrote.

DEUTERONOMY 6:6-9: God commanded that the Hebrews mark their doors with the Torah so that passing in or out they were reminded they were a covenant people. So, seemingly throwaway art becomes a means to learn the ways of God and of God’s expectations of us, leading to a complete reconsideration of what is truly throwaway and what is essential.

Join us for an enjoyable time of reflection, meditation, and listening for the voice of God.