One Month

Sunday will mark our fourth Sunday of doing worship online.

A month of Sundays.

That’s a phrase my grandmother used to use when she had missed someone for a long time. I miss my congregation. I miss being in the church, worshipping with a community. I miss the preschool children brightening my mornings with their laughter, shouts, and hubbub. I miss being in the office with my coworkers. I miss the sound of the organ being used for practice. I miss the sound of the vacuum cleaner tidying the place. It’s been a month of Sundays since I saw and experienced any of these things.

I am acquiring a new tool set, though. I’m learning all manner of computer trick and adaptation to make church happen while we can’t be together. I still don’t think I’m as adept as your average six year old, but I’m doing better. Computers can be such wonderful tools for ministry. ZOOM meetings let us actually see one another as we talk. There are all sorts of ways to mix all kinds of media into a worship service—photos, PowerPoints, music videos—they all add depth and breadth to the experience of praising God. Teaching online can reach a bigger audience, allowing folks not right here to tap into the stream—I noticed that one of the videos Alison and I produced was watched by someone in Nebraska! Hello, Huskers! Don’t know who you are, but welcome!

But it’s still been a month of Sundays since we’ve been together.

I miss you.

Keep praying. Keep checking in with one another. We will keep offering as much content as we can. We will keep being present without being there.

I’m reminded of something from the Psalms—
Lord, you are the God who saves me;
I cry out to you day and night.
Receive my prayer;
And listen to my cry…