Annual Barbecue

"If you like our barbecue, you'll LOVE our Church!"

The Annual Barbecue at Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church has thrived in northern Mecklenburg County for almost 90 years. While it gains a lot of notoriety from the politicians who come out to “meet and greet,” it is still a church barbecue. For members of the church, it is a fabulous opportunity to get to know fellow worshipers in a way not possible in traditional worship services.

The fourth Thursday in October holds a special place for many folks, who would not dream of missing the great barbecue, and the unique blend of ingredients that create the Brunswick stew; not to mention the opportunity to visit with friends they haven’t seen in a while.

Take a second to peek around, check out the latest news about our annual Barbecue, and learn more about our Church. It is always the 4th Thursday of October, so please mark your calendars! Of course, we would love to find out what you think as well, so make sure to comment. See you around!

Annual BBQ Price List

The 2019 Mallard Creek Barbecue Menu

The 2019 Mallard Creek Barbecue Menu Price
PlateBarbecue, slaw, applesauce, Brunswick stew$10.00
Sandwich Barbecue on bun with slaw$4.00
Pound of Barbecue$10.00
Quart of Brunswick Stew$12.00
Pint of Brunswick Stew$6.00
Quart of Slaw$4.00
Pint of Slaw$2.00
Soft Drink$1.00

Order Form

Please call ahead on Bar-B-Que day (704-547-0038) for orders of 50 or more plates or sandwiches, or large bulk meat/stew orders for pickup at either the WALK-UP TAKE OUT or via one of our four DRIVE THRU LANES.

If you’d like, please print out an order form ahead of time and bring it with you to the take-out line.

Please open this pdf to print an order form for the 2019 Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church BBQ

Frequently Asked Questions


11400 Mallard Creek Road at the site of the Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church’s Community House. 

Mapped Directions


Each plate ($10.00) includes a generous helping of barbecue, plus Brunswick stew, applesauce, Cole slaw and bread. Guests who eat at the site receive complimentary coffee, with cold beverages available for purchase.

One may also purchase sandwiches for $4.00 each. Sandwiches feature barbecue and slaw on a bun.

We also sell Barbecue by the pound, Brunswick stew and Slaw by the quart; please see our menu for more details.

Mallard Creek’s Brunswick Stew Recipe

We are proud of the heritage and quality of our stew, in fact we got loads of compliments every year.  It’s always an early sellout, we just can’t make enough – it’s a multiday process and involves over 100 folks to cook and package the stew.  Occasionally we get questions and comments about the inclusion of rice in the stew.  Our Brunswick Stew recipe has been passed down for many generations in our Church – and it is a stew – not a soup.  Like barbecue, stews are very personal and regional in taste and recipe. We are very proud of our stew, and let us assure you that the inclusion of rice is original to the recipe – and has not been added to stretch the recipe.  On the practical side, some stews have potatoes – but don’t store/freeze/reheat well, your Mallard Creek Stew will not break down as much, since the rice holds better.  While we don’t share specific recipes, we cook our own mix of chicken, beef and pork for the stew – and there is approximately 6 times as much meat vs rice (by weight) in each serving of stew.  The meat is finely ground after cooking, so sometimes folks don’t realize it.  By the way, we use a gluten free rice too! Remember that stews were intended to be a cost-effective source of nutrition, in their origin. We appreciate your own personal taste, feel free to come enjoy our stew, barbecue, slaw and fellowship.  We would love to have you!

Gulten Free?

Yes. It appears we have no gluten-containing ingredients. Converted rice, according to Uncle Ben’s, has no gluten. But since our food supply changes from year to year and it’s brand specific we only know we’re good for this year (2018.)

We do have bread on the tables, and our sandwiches are on traditional buns.

Who do I contact?

Please call us at (704) 547-0038 for more information. You can call ahead with your orders of 50 plates or more.

NOTE: this phone number is available only the day of the Barbecue, and the work days leading up to it.

How to pay?

We accept cash and Visa/Master Card.

We do not accept Debit Cards.

Who comes to this Barbecue?

Our guests come from all over… and we’ll serve over 15,000!

What is the purpose?

Funds raised go to overall missions of the church, in addition to the original purpose of retiring facility debt.

Our Sponsors



Rules of Participation


The Mallard Creek BBQ (MCBBQ) is a private event sponsored by Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church.


The MCBBQ cannot accept any responsibility for property, clothing, or equipment brought onto the Community House or church grounds.


During an event the MCBBQ Co-chairman’s decision on any questions or disputes will be considered the final and official decision of the MCBBQ.

Alcohol consumption

The consumption of alcohol is not permitted during the Mallard Creek BBQ.  All applicable laws regarding serving and consumption of alcohol must be followed.

Campaign Materials

Signs may not be placed on the Community House grounds or the right-of-way in front of the Community House grounds.  Campaign buttons, flyers, etc. are allowed; however, no guests shall have campaign materials forced on them.

Campaign Limitations

We ask that candidates and/or their supporters remain in the campaign area  so that guests may come by for meet-and-greet opportunity.  Capacity limits must be strictly observed. The MCBBQ  reserves the right to turn away candidates and/or their supporters if the assigned space is in danger of being overcrowded.

Inappropriate Behavior

The MCBBQ reserves the right to ask a guest to leave if his/her behavior is deemed inappropriate or is perceived as a threat to the safety and well being of the MCBBQ.


Media coverage is not guaranteed.  Candidates are free to interview.  However, the MCBBQ will not provide space or consideration for any public speeches.


Charles Kimrey (704-408-6722); Bill Wood (704-756-0943); or Fred Campbell (704-796-7503)

Right to Shut Down Event

The MCBBQ reserves the right to shut down the event at any time.